Davide Cammarata Architetti

House in Biella

House in Biella

Unrealized design

Occhieppo Inferiore, Biella

Three-story house


This residential renovation project actually translates into the construction of a new building. We have not contemplated the ruin and re-proposed its original form while respecting the constraints of the implementing rules.
There are two elevations, one overlooking a street and the other on the inner courtyard. The design program envisaged the repositioning of the floors, the rebuilding of the roof and the construction of a staircase connecting the three levels above ground.
We decided to work with a new iron structure to be left exposed in the front of the courtyard characterized by a ventilated façade covered with wood. The entrance is characterized by an excavation in the façade, a microportico, a small pause. The staircase is rooted on the ground like a stone-clad mass until it becomes increasingly lighter and more permeable to light. We have worked on the loss of matter and weight as well as on visual continuity in a vertical and horizontal sense. The distribution of the internal spaces of the first level is made of rooms and services, the last level instead, intended for the living area, is a single space that wants to capture the light and multiply the perception of the environment including the external one.