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House renovation, Caltanissetta

House renovation, Caltanissetta




Premio Expa Siciliarchitettura
Premio Ance Catania

Sicilia Architettura tra paesaggi e habitat
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This project is a small example of how to recover an ordinary building and devoid of quality.
It redefines not only the building, but the place itself, that is made of roads, walls, borders, stone and landscape. Are used traditional materials as: the white plaster, lava stone (splitted and smooth) and wood. The large windows of the living room are exposed to the north, while to the south the small openings of the service areas and counter-walls are functional to the climate and the new will of the project. The house is protected from the heat of the west with a full volume, that it’s only emptied at the new access to the two floors of the house, and it’s framed by a single cut on the white facade. The original roof has disappeared: now it incorporated in its structure, and could accommodate the installation of every form of alternative energy system, invisible to the eye of those who look.