Davide Cammarata Architetti

the OZ

the OZ



50 sqm

burnished iron, mahogany wood, steel.

Oz is a cocktail bar where people can get together. It’s small, just 50 squared metres, which includes the service spaces. Our first objective was to open up the space for customers and staff in order to allow for effective use of space and also circulation. This was both a physical and visual need in which various materials were utilised to tie the design details together. The result is a fluid and never static space, a welcoming space in which to spend time.

From a minimum starting point the project was able to be developed. Taking into account the obligatory elements, such as, the bar and service spaces we had to work out the dimensions and the visual perception. The bar is not be used solely for its main purpose as a bar but also where events can be comfortably held. The bar being 5 metres long determined the use of clean lined shelving as a backdrop to highlight the bottles behind very simply and also the length of the lighting track above. The public services WC block is reached by a vanity area: this area was created without the use of doors. This resulted in making the space unique. The preparation area is defined by two metal partitions. One of these partition walls is a unique composition making it a part of the bar display wall and door frame, and the other which completes this preparation area block stops short of the roof.

The dominant material used in the furniture, walls, shelving and hardware is a burnished iron leaf. Complemented by the red of mahogany. The repetitive use and technical manipulation, the assembly as a whole, results in the overall cohesion of the project.

The sum of the parts does not result in simple geometric perceptions but evokes more of an emotional satisfaction. We looked for beauty. Which in itself is elusive but desirable at the same time. Architecture like beauty can not be explained, is difficult to express and often our souls are not predisposed to understanding.