Davide Cammarata Architetti

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Premio Quadranti d’Architettura, Pedara (CT), 2009

The goal of the project is to coexist civilly with the place that hosts it (the historical center of Caltanissetta) and its users. The space with its furnishing is offered to passers, the street and the facades of buildings: want to belong to the city.

It was designed a new “skin” made of wood and oxidized iron. Those are the only materials used. The coating, bent and molded to the required functional aspects, has given a new geometry to the local reducing the design act at very few signs. Each constructive node, does not express any tension or friction. The formal rigor does not hide the craftsmanship of constructive thinking. The ambition is to be simple, light and modern, going beyond the precariousness of taste.