Davide Cammarata Architetti

Beauty center

Beauty center

S. Caterina Villarmosa (CL)



65 sqm

Laquered wood for tailored furniture, painted iron, Firenze stone for part of stair, Carrara marble for wc.

Flos, Viabizzuno

Barbara Geraci

In order to transform any space from a poor state (as in this case) to a quality architecture is necessary to share ideas and strategies that the customer is not always ready to support. The functional program was the realization of a beauty center with two work rooms and services area on the ground floor, a flexible space at the first floor with a kitchen area, relax area, toilet and a technical room. Our strategy therefore was focused on certain aspects:

  • Reorganization of the interior spaces and new aesthetic able to transmit at the user a positive perception even of the products showed, by increasing the attitude to the purchase by the customer.
  • Improve the quality of life of workers in favor of major efficiency.
  • The Use of simple and natural materials such as stone and wood that are functional to the concept of wellness and aesthetics.
  • Technical lighting comfort achieved through the use of new generation of LED lights that emit almost always indirect light to avoid phenomena of dazzle.
  • New design of prospectuses. The windows are used as elements of regulation of light and ventilation of interior spaces. their sense of openness, in vasistas conversely, captures the heat retained by the wall facing south and conveys it to the outside like a chimney. The window on the north facade, in connection with the staircase, capture the zenith light and conveys it in the waiting room; along the stairs the window accompanies the gaze outwards, it expands the space and cut out a piece of heaven.