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Dehor bar in Palermo

Dehor bar in Palermo



Not built

In the city of Palermo ,beyond Porta Nuova, towards Monreale, in the center of “Independence Square”, which it acts as a hinge between Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Calatafimi, there is a garden.

The theme of the project is the redevelopment of the area outside the bar which is located in the middle of the garden. Of the original design of the bar, designed in 1953 by architect Giuseppe Giovanni Carpintieri, it remains the wall system and part of the external cladding. Additions and subsequent adjustments are certainly not in line with the intentions of the original designer that has been able to take into account the context and the needs of the client. The new project provides an enclosed space intended for the dining room and a canopy; their positioning determines a new urbanism of the place. The geometry of the canopy in dark wood, almost black, is constituted by a simple flap anchored along its entire length (approximately 15 meters) to a concrete bench that serves as the foundation above ground. The projection is around 2.60 mt, and it’s devoid of intermediate pillars.

The impact on the environment is minimal and the skyline contrasts with the landscape. Almost completely hidden is the restaurants glass box. A staircase on the short side make the coverage accessible, and the fully glazed walls make it permeable favoring the view of the surrounding garden from every point of view, inside and outside.